Turning the tide on ocean plastic pollution

Our mission is to remove 1 MILLION KILOS of plastic from our oceans.

It's clear to us that if we don't start to act and to respect the ocean, marine life along with all the other things we've come to love about our seas will continue to be under threat.

We're super passionate about saving the ocean and we're here to make an impact- starting with South East Asia, which is the heart of the plastic problem and where 70% of the worlds ocean plastic originates from.

Whilst this is no small feat, this is something we believe we can truly achieve.

Our goal is to remove 1 MILLION KILOS of plastic from the ocean


Every item purchased brings us one step closer

Every piece of Sandbar Swimwear you buy, funds the removal of 1 kilo of ocean plastic along coast lines, water ways and beaches throughout South East Asia.

We do this irrespective of profit; putting our oceans first. We hope that by providing a platform for people to be able to do their part, our combined effort can really make a difference for the better. Our oceans deserve it!

Why we do what we do. Some not-so-fun facts.