Summer is the perfect time for families to bond and create cherished memories. With the golden rays of sunshine illuminating the skies and the gentle breeze, it is time to explore an array of activities you can do together to get through the holidays. Let’s dive right into the list of family-friendly destinations in Singapore where you can get cool, soaking wet in the water!

5 Ways to Enjoy the Summer Holiday and Show Off Your Swim Shorts

1. By the pool!

Plan a small picnic by the pool with snacks, and maybe even indulge in a glass of chilled wine. You can invite your friends over for a pool party and organise a series of fun-filled water games. Whether you’re engaging in a friendly water balloon fight, playing a game of water volleyball, or simply relaxing with the cool water against your skin, the poolside is an ideal location for a day of laughter.

2. Sun’s Out, Beach Here We Come!

Which better place to wear those matching father and son swim shorts than the sunny beach? Plan out small mini-games such as collecting seashells, building sandcastles, or beach volleyball for a day out in the sun. Consider taking a refreshing swim to keep cool under the heat, not forgetting to flaunt your swimwear and impeccable sense of style.

3. Water Parks

For a day of ultimate water-filled adventure, head down to the water parks like Adventure Cove Sentosa. Slide down water slides, splash around in wave pools, and experience the water rides. These parks cater to everyone, regardless of age, so you can put on your matching father and son swim shorts and get ready for a splashing good time. Summer gets way more fun with cooling waters and thrill!

4. Children’s Garden @ Gardens by the Bay

Did we mention it’s FREE access? If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option, Children’s Garden @ Gardens by the Bay is ideal for you and your family. Put on your swim shorts or swimsuits and bring your kids to this water playground and expect an exhilarating experience where everyone can play to their heart’s content. Let your children run wild through the splash pads, water tunnels, and fountains.

5. Water War: Backyard Fun

Have a garden or backyard at home? Organise an epic water war with your family and friends as a great bonding activity in the comfort of your own home. Fill up water balloons, load up some water guns, and let the friendly battle commence!

Eco-Friendly Matching Family Swimsuits: We Got It!

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Ready to Purchase Swimwear in Singapore?

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